Who We Are

CartRight.pk is the product of AMOS – ABACUS known for providing Competitive Data Collection Management & Competitive Intelligence Services globally since a decade.

Having access to competitive prices and correct product specifications has always been an important aspect of reaching a buying conclusion on a product. Inaccurate competitive information always impacts the results and ultimately leads to a worthless buying decision. CartRight.pk© is managed by AMOS Global© which is a global Data Collection outsourcing company, committed to delivering innovative Data Collections on competition through its State-of-the-Art techniques used at its Online Data Collection Centers based in Pakistan. CartRight.pk© transforms and structures updated and reliable data by using the latest technologies to extract fair prices of products with the same specifications and displays price comparisons for the customers. We enable our customers to become more agile and competitive by leveraging our highly competitive price comparison services. The seamless collaboration of our managers, IT specialists, software engineers, data quality experts, data analysis and reporting experts form the backbone of our unique and truly Integrated Competitive Data Collection Center.

We have been running our professionally managed global data collection operations for the last twelve years and have been helping businesses in the UK and European countries. We are currently helping our major competitive intelligence supplier expand its business in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, USA, Singapore & UAE.

CartRight.pk is now one of the most comprehensive consumers’ products comparison service in Pakistan, committed to finding you the right product at the best price to save your time and money.

What We Do

It is sometimes hard to find which online shopping stores offer the cheapest price for the same product, especially as prices can change regularly – which is where CartRight.pk comes in!

In 2016, CartRight.pk launched the first online consumers’ price comparison website, and in doing so spawned a market revolution. CartRight.pk is continually flourishing because it has simplified the process of finding people great prices to compare for the same product.

Every day Cartright.pk checks and compares prices of hundreds and thousands of multiple consumer products from the biggest and best online stores in Pakistan to avoid hassle for consumers. Simply find the product that you are interested in, see which supplier is the cheapest and then with one click you can be saving money by going direct to the store.

We combine independence with excellent technology to help you effortlessly find the right products at the right price. We're 100% independent: working only for our customers.

Who Owns CartRight.pk

CartRight is another business activity of Amos Global and is operating under a trading name of CartRight.pk, registered in Lahore, Pakistan, 4 Noon Avenue, Main Canal, Lahore, 54600. Pakistan

Amos Global (Pvt.) Ltd prides itself on impartiality and independence. That means we do not favor any online store’s prices. We do not promote any brand over any other competitor.


December 2016, as a subsidiary company of Amos-Global (Pvt.) Ltd. Amos Global was established in June 2001 and has been engaged in competitive data collection since 2002.


Headquartered at 4 Noon Avenue, Main Canal, Lahore 54600, Pakistan


Azhar H. Shore a.shore@amos-global.com

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To provide high quality prices and specifications comparison to help our customers.


To gather quality information on competition to provide price advantage for the same product to our customers.


To always keep our decade old tried & tested legacy solutions updated to keep us efficient in capturing online data and producing competitive intelligence reports for our customers anywhere in the world.

Comparing with us costs you nothing.

We display the prices that we gather from the online shopping stores for you for any product. There is NO FEE for customers going through CartRight.pk to the relevant store for purchasing the product – guaranteed.

How Does CartRight.pk Find Prices

We employ a large number of independent research consultants who are expert in collecting correct and latest prices in the market for every consumer product being sold through the online shopping stores in Pakistan. These research consultants use the latest research and data quality technologies.

These prices are then collated against the same product specifications and shown against other prices on our website under price comparison on one page. You’re then free to choose the deal that suits you best.

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